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Our Story

As the travel industry shifted over the years we noticed travel agents were being pushed aside with the rise of self service. We believe in the value that travel agents bring to travelers and the travel industry which is irreplaceable. Voiaje is here to uplift and create tools that puts the travel agent at the forefront and help then retain their customers. 

What started as a family run travel agency over 40 years ago, now evolved into a technology solution. Voiaje’s idea came to fruition in 2022, its mission is to make your trip effortless, easy and simple. How does it work? Easy, start by requesting an account here.

Our Values

+ Honesty and Transparency
Respect, trust and open communication are our fundamentals.
+ Serving with Excellence
We do everything with perseverance, professionalism and perpetual improvement with a goal that nothing is impossible
+ Simplicity
Facilitate our user experience is always our number one priority.

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Meet The Team

Jonathan Massabni

Jonathan leads Voiaje as the CEO. He comes from a background in IT and management in the banking sector. Prior to this Jonathan studied in Computer Science and web development. He has been involved in the accounting and IT aspects of the travel industry during 7 years of his career.

Jessie Massabni

Jessie heads operations for Voiaje as the COO. She has 10 years of experience leading operations in the finance and music fields. Prior to this Jessie studied in commerce and political science. She has been involved in the administration and operation of the travel industry during 5 years of her career.

Jennifer Massabni

Jennifer is responsible for leading marketing for Voiaje as its CMO. She has over 16 years of experience in digital marketing, design and market expansion in the fashion industry. Prior to this she studied in design and business management. She has been involved in lead generation and marketing within the travel industry during 4 years of her career.